Dock-To-Dock Solutions


  • An important and complementary part of our services is the transport of our customers’ sensitive and valuable goods.
  • We have established our own logistics solutions in order to overcome the typical problems that can occur (e.g., delays and damage) when using commercial carrier services.With a fleet of own trucks we offer pick-up and delivery services for our (main) customers.
  • A sophisticated schedule connects all of our major customer sites with our service locations. Through the consolidation of transports, the customer benefits from highly competitive prices.
  • We not only guarantee perfect on-time deliveries, but also a minimum of time for transportation.
  • The risks of damages due to mishandlings or losses during transport are greatly reduced. Emergency shuttles can start whenever needed within a 30-minute response time. Furthermore, we cooperate with all commercial carrier companies and parcel service providers on demand.
  • Transport range from our location: up to 800 km
  • Transport range from our location for high-value parts: up to 1000 km
  • Coverage: all of Europe
  • Emergency response time: 30 minutes
  • Transport insurance: included