Dry and Wet Blasting


  • Cleanpart facilities are well equipped to cope with any surface-texturing activities. With installations ranging from small manually-driven blast cabinets up to automated blast units installed in 20 foot containers, we are able to meet nearly every demand. Selective precision blasting of small medical devices up to large-sized components for the aerospace industry is also provided.
  • Specific expertise is available for precision surface texturing to create the most suitable surface finish for optimum performance and coating bonds.
  • On the basis of Cleanpart know-how, the proper cleaning of parts is accelerated and texturing recipes are provided to our customers. Highly diversified blasting technologies with multiple blasting devices and media are provided.
  • Furthermore, cleaning recipes can be quickly developed, thanks to our engineering/R&D group.


  • Adjustable substrate roughness

Abrasive blasting is an archaic but nevertheless essential and indispensable process for treating surfaces.

Selected grades of abrasive particles are pneumatically accelerated and projected against components to achieve the desired effect. Blast media, pressure and nozzle geometries offer a wide range of adjustment parameters to create effects and surface morphologies of any kind.

  • Removal of rust, scale, sand, paint or burrs
  • Provision of a matte surface finish for special processes
  • Surface preparation (roughening) for subsequent coating processes
  • Media type: corundum, glass beads, plastic beads, ceramic beads, carbonates, organic beads, etc.
  • Wet and dry blasting technologies
  • Automated texturing
  • Dedicated blasters