Machining and Grinding


  • Our comprehensive range of mechanical equipment and facilities allows us to perform machining operations on regular and large-size pieces.


  • Precision turning (up to Ø 2 m x L 10 m x Ra <10 μm)
  • Cylindrical and crankshaft grinding (up to Ø 1.4 m x L 6.5 m)
  • Horizontal boring (up to Ø 1.5 m x L 1.6 m)
  • Vertical boring (up to Ø 5 m x H 2.8 m)

Cleanpart offers high-precision lathes and fully equipped facilities that are ideal for servicing cylindrical rotors, crankshafts, rolls and more:

  • Small/large-capacity cylindrical sizes
  • Components and crankshaft grinding
  • CNC and conventional turning
  • Milling and others