Residual Gas Analysis


Among its broad analytical capabilities, Cleanpart offers residual gas analyses (RGA) for its customers. The benefits include:

  • Certification of the cleanliness of parts (directly) according to OEM specifications (e.g., ASML grade 1 )
  • Failure analyses of contaminated parts

A residual gas analyzer is a mass spectrometer typically designed for process control and contamination monitoring in vacuum systems.

RGAs are used in most cases to monitor the quality of the vacuum and can easily detect traces of impurities in the low-pressure gas environment.

These impurities can be measured down to 10E-12 Pa levels and feature sub-ppm detectability in the absence of background interference.

Areas of application:

  • High vacuum and ultra-high vacuum parts and sub-assemblies
  • Material analyses possible for all parts and assemblies that can sustain vacuum conditions
  • Size: handling of small to large-part assemblies
  • Mass spectrum: from 1 to 200

A detailed RGA report is supplied with each part, including outgassing rates of parts for water, CxHy v, CxHy nv.