Packaging Design and Supply


As a provider of services for our customer's valuable components, Cleanpart supplies customized and dedicated containers in accordance with transportation safety regulations during the recycling loop:

  • Customized design adapted to parts and kits
  • Reliable protection of parts to minimize breakage costs
  • Optimized logistics

Cleanpart takes charge of the study, design and manufacturing of the dedicated containers after acquiring the specifications for the parts.

The design of the boxes is validated by the customer, and then the containers are produced and delivered to the end user. The boxes are designed to facilitate storage and ease of handling, while ensuring total protection of fragile parts such as quartz or ceramics. Protective elements include:

  • Protective foam compartments to store the parts inside the box
  • Wheels and hinges
  • Reinforced external material
  • Use of cleanroom-compatible material

Light-weight containers are also available when air transportation is necessary to reduce costs. Cleanpart boxes are fully conformable with air- and ground-transportation solutions, which also can be handled directly by Cleanpart.