Quality Management


Not only is quality management used for Cleanpart services, Cleanpart also acts as a quality management supplier – especially in the medical field (sterilization of surgical components) where we offer a comprehensive package of quality management in the reprocessing of medical devices.

Benefits include:

  • Optimized processes
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Maximum cost efficiency

This is made possible by continuous inventory control and the use of statistics for processed parts.

As a service provider, Cleanpart must ensure its customer an indisputably high quality level.

Quality management has been implemented a long time ago and evolves with changing requirements and environment. Our quality management system is fully integrated within the Cleanpart structure, incorporated in all processes operating at the company, and continually updated to the latest standards.

Typical tools implemented at the lowest level of operation include: 5S, Ishikawa, FMEA, AMDEC, etc., which has led to the certification of the company.

Internal and external audits are continuously run to maintain and improve the Cleanpart quality level, which ultimately benefits our customers.

As a provider of quality management services, we are able to

  • Conduct an analysis of the initial situation to determine conformity with legal requirements and possible areas of improvement
  • Perform project management to develop and expand the QMS
  • Conduct employee training and workshops
  • Generate, organize and maintain documentation
  • Conduct internal audits and support external audits
  • Assist in management reviews
  • Construct and monitor quality management systems according to DIN EN ISO: 9001 and ISO 13485/RKI