• Optimum implant surface / topography
  • Excellent prerequisite for primary stability
  • Outstanding bone integration/osseointegration properties

Chemical etching is a process to achieve a microstructuring of organic and inorganic materials.
Etching is the removal of material in the form of depressions on the surface by the application of caustic substances.
Wet chemical processes are used to create the desired surface structure on metals (such as Al, Ta, Ti, Mg or Nb).
By etching titanium, the surface of an implant is roughened and better bone integration is achieved. Especially for dental implants, etching improves osseointegration.
The etching process is designed in such a way that a uniform structuring of the surfaces is achieved regardless of the component geometry.
The etching process results in fine deburring of surfaces and edges.
The result is a metallically pure and structured surface.