ECD - Enhanced CVD Decontamination



ECD - Enhanced CVD Decontamination developed by Cleanpart

The latest CVD processes used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry have become extremely sensitive to contamination and parts geometry within the process chambers.

After an extensive development program, Cleanpart is now glad to announce that its ECD (enhanced CVD Decontamination) process has been qualified with several leading-edge customers in several regions of the world.

Our qualified customers indicate a much better process stability, enhanced MTBPM (Mean Time Between Preventive Maintenance), and extended life time of the process chamber parts, leading to high-performance and lower cost-of ownership.

Cleanpart Engineer Dr. Olivier Marchand explains ECD: “On low-k CVD processes for a set of parts, the gas distribution, is extremely critical: once disassembled, those parts have to be perfectly decontaminated without damaging material or geometry. For that purpose Cleanpart developed several combinations of innovative processes to fully decontaminate the parts while guaranteeing perfect part integrity, for various customers processes (SiOC, SiCN,…)”


ECD illustration cleanpart

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